Welcome to PRT Conference

The reliable corporate video conferencing service


Here at PRT we value communication, because as they say; “Communication is key”!

With our advanced video conferencing service you can be sure that you can hold that all important meeting without disruption or service outages. Because we all know how annoying and embarrassing it is, if your very important sales call all of a sudden drops out.

With multiple backup systems and server support staff working around the clock, we have a 100% uptime guarantee, which is the first in the industry, setting a new pace and standard for our competition to attempt to keep up with.

Our video conferencing systems are not just used for multi user meetings and sales pitches, but also for educational purposes in webinars and research studies. This is especially good when your user base is in many different geographies. Sometimes it can be hard to get all users online at the same time. And that is why we have developed our revolutionary catch up feature, all sessions are automatically recorded and can be re-watched at any time for up to 48 hours or even longer if you set the expiry date to a later day.

Here is something else that is new, unlike many other video conferencing providers, we don’t charge you for each set of users, or make complicated allocations, you just pay us once and get unlimited services provided with your account. Seriously unlimited. No fair use policies or other silly stuff. True unlimited video conferencing.

Screen sharing and muting

You want to grab everyone’s attention? With part conference you can do this easily, by just muting all users other than yourself and talking, or alternatively you can press the buzzer which will send a ringing signal to all users currently in the session. This will get their attention!

If you want to do screen sharing that is also possible, you can share your screen as well as sending documents and text directly on the tool so you don’t have to open your email to send the important files all your users need.

Just as a recap, with PRT Conference you can; have unlimited users in unlimited amounts of sessions, all your sessions are recorded, you can send files directly over the PRT interface and you can mute customers or users if you need to.
We look forward to connecting you!